Friday, March 9, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

LOVING this old school vintage ball mason jar - St. Paddy's Day style
Happy Friday! I CANNOT believe that February is over and we have moved into March = NUTS! And this weekend we SPRING ahead an hour. There were several years in a row when I happened to be flying home the Sunday of Daylight Savings and I will never forget all those panicked looks of "OMG, shoot, that means my flight already LEFT, AHHH."

Lots going on this weekend! We have our local St. Patty's Day parade on Saturday and then on Sunday, Chicago's South Side Irish parade is back in action - and all of the fun parties surrounding the parades! CMC has some prep for First Communion this Saturday. Speaking of First Communion we think that she is going to wear a dress that was handmade by my maternal grandmother. I love that idea = a dress with meaning. Below is a pic of my youngest sister wearing the dress! So sweet.

Some of my latest faves:
  • We have been blessed with some SPRINGesque like weather as of late. And yes, I've busted out the flip flops. I don't do socks unless I'm in workout mode so when flip flop weather semi-approaches I get VERY excited! Speaking of spring - here are some lovely and pretty spring things. I'm totally digging this one shoulder maxi dress. And how to wear those spring florals that we are seeing pop up.
  • I HEART my iPad. LOVE it. We have an amazing relationship. And of course, just when you get used to your iPad 2 a new one rolls out = thoughts on the iPad 3.
  • There is just something about Jenna Lyons that I love. I FOREVER wondered who J.Crew was refering to when they mentioned "Jenna this, Jenna that," but now I'm in the loop. Good ole Jenna. 12 things Jenna cannot live w/o.
  • Speaking of someone who oozes that cool factor, my youngest sister always seems to have just enough of that hip factor that I never can seem to truly pull off. I blame it on the fact that I live in Chicago and that she lives in NYC. For instance, I can TOTALLY see her in some of these little Dolce Vita Drew Lace Ups. I wouldn't know how to wear them (yet see them and think they are adorable)!
  • Favorite exchange of the week involved me trying to explain to MMC the filler word "like" (granted I always say "do as I say and not as I do" - as I'm right there w/ her in terms of my own over usage of the filler word "like"). We were having a conversation and I was trying to point out the filler word "like" and how we should think of other words to use. We went on with our convo and then she looked up at me and said, "You don't understand, we are supposed to use the word 'like.' It is one of my POPCORN words." Okay, I admit it, by that point in the conversation I was distracted and was on to something else. I then turned to her again when I mentally jumped back into our convo and I gave her a look that said "you just used the filler word 'like' 10x in one sentence." She gave me that look (that I cannot fully put into words but if you know her well enough you know EXACTLY what I mean) and she said again, "Um, Mom, LIKE is a popcorn word." OHHHH, those darn popcorn words. Right on. Okay. Time to explain the difference between her sight/popcorn words and "like" as a filler word LATER. I decided to save it for another time, another day. It was clearly time to pull out my Sorry We're Closed Eye Mask. I would only buy this mask if I could truly wear it and have it mean something! Are we ever officially closed?!
  • We're heading to Williamsburg, VA in a few weeks for spring break to visit my Dad and his lovely friend. CMC has been prepping for our trip by reading some of the books about Felicity. She is one of the historical American Girl dolls from Colonial Williamsburg. The gals are super excited to see Williamsburg through the eyes of Miss Felicity! It will be awesome.
  • And PS - I changed a setting on my blog which hopefully makes it easier to comment w/i a post. Try it as I would LOVE to hear from you!

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