Friday, February 24, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

M + C gearing up for a day of skiing and GMC just chilling
GMC chilling w/Daddy

Happy Friday! WOW, I am all out of sorts schedule wise due to the long weekend. We were literally gone for less than 30 hours last Sunday/Monday to ski and hit the waterpark. However, you would have thought we were gone for a WEEK! So, it was a very pleasant surprise when I woke up this morning to the kiddos doing the HAPPY DANCE (= FRIDAY)!

We get to dress up tomorrow evening for an event (= FANCY FUN) and then Sunday we get to wear whatever we want and watch everyone all dressed up at the Oscars (even better, right?)! I LOVE watching the Oscars - not sure what I enjoy more = seeing who wins best picture OR my favorite part altogether = checking out what everyone is wearing! Okay, so I answered my own question!

Some of my latest faves:
And lastly, one of GMC's new things to do when sitting at the island eating = patting the stool next to him (meaning - set your booty there Mom or Dad or C or M). It is so endearing. His little face lights up if you sit there w/him while he eats (for some reason it is not the same to him when you are standing across from him). Very cute.

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