Friday, March 17, 2017

My Latest Obsessions

A little Valentine's Day Action last month

Date w/ my two guys at Duck Inn
"Masking" around

Happy Friday AND St. Patrick's Day! Cheers to a great weekend. Hope you all are wearing your green! We watched our local St. P's Day parade a few weeks ago but the kids remembered their green this morning. We are in countdown mode until Spring break! We get to see JuJu and Grandpa T very soon in AZ. Super excited for a change of scenery and some warmer temps.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

My Latest Obsessions

Fun family wedding

Happy Friday! So, it's Cate's Birthday today and we officially have a teenager in the house (and it's Inauguration Day). But hey, I would rather talk about the chocolate cake we'll be having tonight celebrating Cate's bday vs the latter.

CMC has requested a steak dinner tonight so we are heading to a local and old school steak house = Tom's Steak House. And tomorrow night we get to see a dear college friend of mine who is in town. Excited! A group of us is heading to Cold Storage for dinner.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend! And here's to hope and prayers for a peaceful transfer of presidential power.
XO - d2

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Friday, December 16, 2016

My Latest Obsessions

Go Cubs!
Photo credit: Alma Veliky

Happy Friday! Countdown is on for the holidays. Some last minute shopping is on the list for the weekend along w/ some holiday parties. Fun!

Cheers to the last few weeks of 2016! Stay warm this weekend.

XO - d2

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Friday, October 21, 2016

My Latest Obsessions...

Wyoming High School Reunion

Donuts w/ Dad at school

Love this little dude

Happy Friday! I'm excited for this weekend = chill! We don't have tons of plans and we intend on keeping it that way. I was out of town the last two weekends and I'll be traveling again in a few weekends so we put a big HOLD on this weekend. Tonight I'm taking all 3 kiddos to the middle school for our Fall Fun Fest. And then Saturday PM = nada! Sunday we have our nephew's birthday party (bowling = fun!).

Last weekend PFC/I were in Cincinnati for my HS reunion. It was a blast. Awesome Saturday evening venue = The Transept. It was an old church that was renovated. Very cool too to see Over the Rhine area and how much it has changed (for the better).

XO - d2

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Friday, October 7, 2016

My Latest Obsessions

Hanging out in Iowa City

Group Pic from Iowa City

Happy Friday! Wow, we're in October (time is flying). LOVE fall in Chicago. Last weekend we were at Kinnikinnick Farm and we had a blast. It was our 5th time there. Love that place. Here are some pics from our time there 2 years ago. And then over Labor Day weekend we went to University of Iowa w/ a bunch of friends. Best time. I experienced my first big 10 football game = crazy! Love Iowa City. What a great little town.

Cheers to the weekend ahead. PFC and G$ are heading out to an Indian Guides campout weekend. The gals are heading downtown to hang w/ one of their favorite aunts. And I'm heading to Denver for a little Beautycounter action! Fun! Funny how sitting at an airport alone w/ a coffee and a book = heavenly!

XO - d2

Some of my latest faves:

Friday, August 19, 2016

My Latest Obsessions

Cheyenne, WY (playing around w/ the awesome murals downtown)

G$ and CMC (chilling at our hotel in Cheyenne, WY)

Dinner at the Rib and Chophouse in Cheyenne

Snuck out = date night in Jackson at the Local

Awesome breakfast at Nora's Fish Inn in Wilson, WY

My happy place = my favorite chair in the cabin to read and cozy up in. 

G$ w/ CMC watching in the background

Hanging in Bozeman, MT w/ JuJu - a little visit to see the cousins

Happy Friday! So, we are slowly getting back to our routine after our road trip out west. Reentry can be tough. We had an awesome time. There is just something about fresh air and the big sky country that really puts you in a state of zen. Truly. Granted we were on a "trip" vs a "vacation" (awesome read btw) with our 3 kids so there were the obvious sibling squabbles, etc. and the numerous "are we there yet?" questions but overall it was a really fantastic trip. It was some much needed quality time for the 5 of us and a huge bonus = we got to spend some time w/ JuJu and Grandpa T (oh, and time w/ their two labradoodles Maddie and Lacey - can't forget them!).

Now we are in Back to School mode! All 3 of the kids start this upcoming Thursday. We'll soon have a 7th and 5th grader along w/ a Kindergartner. I know, everyone says it ALL the time = where does the time go and time flies - but it is so very true. I thought that middle school was SOOO far away and that any friends in that boat were a window of my (far off) future. And now we've been in that boat for awhile. Each chapter/stage comes with it's own set of "things" and it's so case by case for each kid. Funny how they are so different. So very different. Believe me, we have had LOTS of conversations in our household this summer (especially when we've been under the same roof) that we need to respect one another's differences.

Cheers to the weekend! Those of you who are doing the last minute back to school scramble = good luck! I'm excited to get over the hump of next week and settle into our fall schedule. I love fall clothes (layers!) and the colorful leaves = bring it!

XO - d2

Some of my latest faves:

  • Loving the Olympics (especially the swimming and gymnastics). Really loved this article on swimmer Katie Ledecky entitled "Do the Dang Work." My new saying = do the dang! And Ryan Lochte = apologizes for his role in the false robbery in Rio. Secretly (okay not so secretly) fascinated by all of this = Inside the Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte Rivalry: Why the Family Man Won and the Not the Frat Boy. 
  • Outside Mag's 16 Best Places to Live. Fun = we were just in Jackson last week and I'm heading to Denver for a wknd in October! 
  • I read the book When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi this spring. I have NOT read a book in a long time that has stayed with me like this one has. I absolutely loved it. Moving. I'm looking forward to attending Dr. Lucy Kalanithi's presentation and book signing in September
  • SUPER exciting news = looks like we might be seeing our Parenthood family again!? Yippee! Super pumped as I miss my Braverman fam! 
  • I'm a huge fan of Heath Ceramics. I have a few pieces here and there. I don't have dinnerware from Heath but how pretty are all these place settings?! Love them. Appreciate the pairing of the new w/ the old. 
  • Okay, I always love documenting the various places we stopped on our road trips (so when my memory fails me I can circle back to my notes). Some of our pit stops en route to our final destination (Ennis, MT) included: 1st night = Lincoln, Nebraska (very cool little town if you ask me!) - dinner at Lazlo's Brewery & Grill (Haymarket location), ice cream at Ivanna Cone (ah-mazing homemade ice cream and sorbets - personally loved my key lime sorbet w/ basil, and enjoyed learning about how they make their ice cream) / 2nd night = Cheyenne, WY where we stayed at the Plains Hotel (cool historic hotel downtown) and bopped around the downtown and spent lots of time in The Wrangler checking out the western wear. Our 3rd night = Jackson, WY where PFC and I snuck out for a little dinner sans kiddos at Local (while the kids gladly hung back at the hotel binge watching movies - they were on cloud nine - win win!). The kiddos had pizza at Pinky G's (awesome little pizza place). And I scored a new notebook at Paper and Grace and wish I had more time to check out this adorable little boutique called . I bought my first non-moleskin notebook as they didn't carry them - and I've been SUPER thrilled w/ my new Luechtturm1917 notebook (yes, I get pretty geeked out about paper, cards and notebooks). And just as we were literally heading out of town I ran into MADE (wish I had more time in there - so many great items!). Next trip! We made a pit stop at Nora's Fish Creek Inn for breakfast = awesome!!! 
  • 8 Genius Hacks for Scoring the Best Hotel Room, Every Time. Totally agree w/ slide 3 = make a call. 
  • Anxiously waiting to see Bad Moms w/ my sister! Let's get to the theatre ASAP, Stephie! Heard it is hilarious! Who has seen it?! 
  • Saw this Bella Dahl Off the Shoulder Denim shirt in person = super cute! And I know that summer is on it's way out but this dress is adorable! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

My Latest Obsessions

Grandpa T and JuJu in Lake Geneva

The Kiddos

Cousins = TROUBLE! 

JuJu, D2, Steph (missing the youngest pup!)

Hanging w/ PFC

We had the best time catching up with JuJu and Grandpa T this past weekend in Lake Geneva to celebrate my brother in law's birthday. And super fun = we're taking off next Friday to road trip out to Montana and we get to see them again! Wahoo! Please send any book recommendations my way = on my list next week to hit up the library and our local book store. Super PUMPED to cozy up in my favorite chair at the cabin and chill w/ a good book.

Okay, I cannot believe our youngest turns 6 this weekend. How is that possible?! Gosh, I remember the day that Georgie was born like it was yesterday. Time flies. G$ is getting together w/ some of his buds for a little pool party to celebrate and then Saturday he has requested his favorite lunch = Alpine subs! I couldn't agree more. Yum!

Cheers to the last weekend in July! Enjoy.

XO - d2

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