Friday, April 20, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

Cate and the Oscar Meier Wienermobile

Happy Friday! The above picture cracks me up. Cate and I were spending some mom/daughter time together and running errands and the like last Saturday and low and behold we looked over and saw the iconic Oscar Meier Wienermobile. WE HAD TO STOP AND TAKE A PIC! Come on now, how often does one see the Wienermobile?! Cate was definitely amused by the large "hot dog" on wheels and it got me wondering how long the mobile had been around. How fun, this wienermobile crashed a wedding last year! Too funny. And how do you become an official "hotdogger" driver?! 

Happy Earth Week! I have to confess I'm not the most green person out there. While I do my best to recycle and the like I LOVE me some zip lock bags. We tried out some reusable pouches this week to use in lieu of zip lock bags (for CMC's lunch). While they are reusable and super cute (btw!) I think I'm going to be using zip lock bags for awhile longer (mostly because CMC kept leaving them at school - defeating the whole purpose of REUSING them the next day!). Baby steps! 

We have a casual fundraiser tonight for C + M's school and then tomorrow PFC's sisters/I are taking out his Mom for a GIRLS dinner to celebrate her upcoming bday. 

Some of my latest faves: 
Have a FAB weekend! It is supposed to be rainy and chilly here. Maybe I'll catch a moment to start my next book = The Man in the Rockefeller Suit by Mark Seal. Maybe not though. I'm calling these days the "George" factor! He is all over the place! His latest fave word = "YES." It is TOO CUTE. The girls will sit there and ask him a million questions to see what he says YES and NO to = pretty entertaining! 

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