Friday, May 11, 2012

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Cate's First Communion

Happy Friday! I've heard a few folks lately say that May is the new December - and I have to agree. We have the frenzied four week onslaught of May Madness (end of the school year craziness, spring sports, year-end parties, First Communions/Graduations/Mother's Day, and then gearing up for the various summer activities).

We had CMC's First Communion this past Sunday. Miss Cate looked so beautiful. It made me think back to when I met her 4 years ago this spring (and wow, she has grown up so much). She wore my youngest sister Carrie's First Communion dress (made by my maternal grandmother). So meaningful. We had a family celebration back at our house for Miss Cate and her cousin. She and her cousin were First Communicants together during the same mass which made for a doubly enjoyable day!

And now we are approaching Mother's Day weekend!! Being a mom myself I have an entirely new level of respect for my own Mom. So, Happy Mother's Day, JuJu (and we are all in countdown mode to see her in a few weeks - hooray)!  The gals and Georgie have been working on their items to include in our Mother's Day packages for all 4 grandmothers. This year we used pics from Easter and made these adorable Accordion Brag Books from Pinhole Press. They turned out super cute! And this past Monday was the 6th year anniversary of the passing of C + M's angel Mom.  I think of her often and she is always with me.

Wishing all of the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day! CHEERS to one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs out there! I've posted this before, but I must do so again as it is really FAB = a P&G commercial re: Moms and the London 2012 Olympics. Hoping that all of you have fun plans for the weekend. As part of my Mother's Day weekend I'm hanging out w/ my sister Stephie tomorrow morning for some much needed sister time. We are getting mani/pedis and then hitting some of our faves = Anthro and Lululemon (excited as I have some gift cards to spend!).  And we'll end w/ some chats over lunch. And then on Mother's Day all of us are heading to Bleeding Heart Bakery and Cafe in West Town for brunch. YUMMY! And best of all PFC is taking the kiddos out of the house early Sunday morning so I can sleep in (= a pure luxury)!

Some of my latest faves:
Have a wonderful weekend! The sun is shining here in Chicago (thank goodness as it has been RAINY for quite some time). And Happy Mother's Day (again) for all the mothers out there. 

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Bethany said...

Our May is like our September. Filled with school commitments. My life, as I know it, will resume in October. Great post...happy Friday and happy Mother's Day! XO

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