Friday, June 15, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

Georgie checking out his new bike (22 months)
Happy Friday! Wow, what a LONG week. Week 2 of Summer Break. It is taking all of us a bit of time to recalibrate to our new schedule. It is pretty funny watching other parents and kids walk around in a bit of a daze the last week or so adjusting to new schedules and logistics (as spring sports/activities/school come to an end and summer activities pick up). While I LOVE the summer and appreciate all that comes with it (the pool, the weather, playing tennis outside, heading to the Lake, just BEING outside, etc.) logistically the summer can be a bit challenging at times especially when you have kids of different ages running around. So, here's to Week 1 and 2! I admit it = I'm pretty exhausted (but LOVING this weather)!

We just said goodbye to JuJu and Grandpa T and my Dad and youngest sister Carrie. They were all in town for our nephew Graham's baptism last Sunday. It was so much fun having everyone here. We hope to see all of them soon! I wish they all lived closer.

I LOVE the personalized bookmarks that we put together for all 4 Grandpas and PFC for Father's Day. One of my super creative friends did something similar last year for Father's Day and I made a mental note to try it this year. So, last Monday we headed to A&A Studios in Oak Park and used their vintage photobooth to take the pics. It was pretty hilarious to listen to the girls talk about the pictures namely because the photobooth was not digital (and you cannot delete any outtakes) - and we had to wait 2.5 minutes (imagine that!) for each strip to come out.  All in all it was a fun little field trip minus GMC trying to pick up every vintage camera in the store and he kept wanting to press the "go" button in the booth (which led to a strip of him alone in there - where he was actually posing for the camera vs the group shots where he wanted to jump out of C and M's arms).  I had the girls decorate a strip of paper with Happy Father's Day and the date and their signatures to put on the back of the bookmarks and we then had them laminated. We then picked out books for everyone to go w/ the cute bookmarks. Fun project!

Our Father's day bookmarks
GMC goofing off and pressing the button

Some of my latest faves:

Have a FABULOUS weekend and enjoy Father's Day!


Bethany Meyer said...

Love the bookmark idea, Dee! I'm going to find a photo booth tomorrow! I just finished week 1 of summer vacation, and "recalibrate" is such a kind way of expressing the nightmare I've experienced the past 7 days. I'll get my sea legs. Hopefully before week 10. Happy Friday!

Smclafferty said...

Ahhh ... Two of my favorite bloggers read each others blogs! (noting Bethany Meyer's comment above ). I too love the bookmark idea and Georgie's cute solo shoot too :) btw, we will be in town in 2 weeks sans children ... Would live to meet for drinks or something if you are around!

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