Friday, July 13, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

D2 + PFC at our dear friends wedding - Spring Lake Winery in NY

Hanging w/ dear friends at a wedding - FUN TIMES! 

Happy Friday! Wowser. What a long week. I'm TIRED. We had an AWESOME time last weekend up in NY for a dear friend's wedding. It was great to see some old college friends and also have some adult time with PFC. The kiddos themselves had their own weekend away with Grandpa and Grandma and their cousins at the Lake. Win win on both sides!

Oh, and this week we had book club for 50 Shades of Grey. I had a BLAST putting together fun and creative decorations for our themed evening. And unbeknownst to the group we hired a special "friend" to make an appearance. It was definitely a memorable (and hilarious) evening filled with lots of LAUGHS! See below for some of the fun details.

Some yummy vanilla cupcakes - if you have read the book you'll get the gist...

Some fun "Grey" themed drinks. 
And some parting favors - chapstick w/ Christian's fave line = "Stop biting your lip."

Some of my latest faves:
  • I had an absolute BLAST putting together the details for our 50 Shades of Grey book club. Some of the items that I used were as follows: grey/white striped paper straws, red vines (so yummy), slate grey dot labels (used for nametags - as of course we all had to go as Mrs. So and So), grey chevron favor bags, grey polka dot washi tape (for decorating the signage).
  • Moroccan Poufs - they came up in conversation the other day. Adore them. 
  • Bridesmaid dresses are tough (as you end up NEVER wearing them again). I LOVED the dresses the gals wore at the wedding this weekend. You are able to wear these dresses many different ways. They looked gorgeous. 
  • A few weekends ago we went up to the Lake. However, on the way there we hit the annual J.L. Powell outlet sale. PFC bought some great items. My fave = these 1000 mile boots (for $30). What a steal! Love them! 
  • A little bit sexy + a little bit cowboy = this cute one piece swimsuit
  • My best purchase all summer for GMC = slip on shoe. LOVE IT. He wears them everyday. They stay on much better than crocs and can get wet as well. LOVE them. 
  • A plant hammock. How cute! 
  • Some pretty wood bangles. Simple. 
  • Two top knots for your hair
  • My sisters/mom and I are planning a fun fall girls getaway for along wknd. I've been looking around for inspiration. Some escapes GOOP-style
  • Gorgeous calligraphy.
  • Enjoyed checking out this Desert Skyline Inspiration Board on Pinterest. LOVE. And how fun is this colorful wedding. Looks like such a fun celebration. 
  • I don't do trends. I'm more of a classics gal. But I do like adding accessories to give outfits a little bit of a punch. For instance, I'm totally digging my Vanessa Mooney Pink Gold necklace - hits on the neon trend that is all the rage. Speaking of accessories. TOTALLY LOVING my new braidband from Green Eyed Maven (see below). They are made from vintage scarves and each one is one of a kind! LOVE them! Like them on Facebook to see their collection. 
Sporting a Braidband by Green Eyed Maven


Bethany said...

Love that picture of the two of you! What a beautiful couple! And, I love the bathing suit. It screams "wardrobe malfunction" at this juncture in my life, surrounded by small kids, day!

Happy Friday!!!

D2 said...

@ Bethany - too funny. Agree. Yes, while I love the swimsuit it definitely screams wardrobe malfunction for SURE! I basically only wear swim dress type bathing suits - keeps everything all in while chasing after kiddos!

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