Friday, July 27, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

I started Rob Lowe's book = LOVE HIM! 
Happy Friday! PFC and I are off to Milwaukee for his 20th reunion at Marquette. I'm excited to sneak away for a bit (especially since we've hit the halfway point of summer break!) and hang w/ some of PFC's peeps. If we have time we might sneak check out the Posters of Paris exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum of Art. And we are currently contemplating the following restaurants for brunch on Sunday before we depart = Trocadero, Cafe Benelux, Lake Park Bistro or Honey Pie. Any recommendations on which one?! I ABSOLUTELY love brunch.

This past Monday I had dinner w/ one of my longest standing friends. It was SO nice to catch up. We had dinner at my favorite place in Lincoln Park = Athenian Room. LOVE it there. I get the same thing every time and I'm usually seated at the same table.

This upcoming Monday our little GMC turns 2!!! So exciting. The girls are not happy that we aren't having a big party like we did last year. This year we are keeping it small and singing Happy Birthday to our favorite guy with some Elmo cupcakes. We laugh at Georgie - as his favorite things = Elmo, painting his toes, playing dress up w/ C + M, wearing jewelry (can you tell he lives in a household of girls!?).

Some of my latest faves:
Have an AWESOME weekend! 

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