Friday, August 3, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

GMC - 2 years old (love that little smile!)

GMC's Elmo Cupcakes for his bday - he LOVED them!

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday week to our favorite Georgie! He turned 2 on Monday. The other day I heard C + M discussing life in general and how "so NOT fun it would be w/o their little brother George." Such a fun conversation to eaves drop on! We had a very low key (compared to last year's big bday bash) birthday party for George = just the 5 of us and my mother in law stopped by to say hello. We had dinner together as a family (which doesn't happen too often so that was really great) and we sang Happy Birthday over fun Elmo cupcakes. George's fave present from JuJu = Green Monster backpack (now he can be just like the GALS)! And one of my favorite gifts for him = New Balance 990 shoes (the same exact model that my Dad - BIG GEORGE - has worn for years and years).

We had a great time at PFC's 20 year Marquette reunion this past weekend. I LOVE Milwaukee! We did get to the Milwaukee Art Museum and saw the Paris Poster exhibit. Very cool. And we ended up at Cafe Benelux for brunch on Sunday before we departed. YUMMY! Perfect end to our great weekend.

Every night this week we have been watching the Olympics. It has been super fun seeing the girls get excited about it and pick out their favorite athletes. They LOVE the swimming (boys swimming = my fave!) and the gymnastics. And how amazing to see Gabby Douglas win the gold as the all around individual in gymnastics.

This weekend we are heading to Chicago q (yummy) for dinner on Saturday with some other couples on and  then on Sunday we are heading to a BBQ to see a friend and her family that are in town for the wknd. FUN! I get to play some more tennis this weekend! Tonight PFC/I are making some yummy fish tacos and I want to watch one of Rob Lowe's old movies = About Last Night. Speaking of Rob Lowe, I enjoyed reading the article about the "Brat Pack" that was in New York Magazine in the 80s.

Some of my latest faves...

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