Friday, August 17, 2012

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Sister LOVE = C + M
Family Trip in Saugatuck (Summer 2012)

Happy Friday! It is GORGEOUS out and a bit cooler (kind of San Diego-esque if you ask me) today. LOVE IT! We had a BLAST last weekend at our dear friend T's place in Saugatuck. It was the perfect setting for 7 adults and 6 kids. We enjoyed awesome dinners after the kiddos went to bed and just CHILLED. Much needed. PFC/I always feel like we are on the GO. ALL. THE. TIME. Fun but it can get exhausting. We are delighted to be doing NOTHING tonight. PFC always breathes a sigh of relief the evenings I tell him we have NOTHING going on. After the kids are in bed maybe we'll rent a movie. 

Tomorrow we are having 3 of our nephews and 1 niece over for the day/overnight. The kids are SUPER excited to hang w/ their cousins. We are making these chocolate chip cookies and going to see if they are the only ones we'll make from this point on. We started the process yesterday as they highly suggest refrigerating the dough for 36 hours (meaning that tonight we'll actually bake the cookies). We shall see! Excited to see (and taste) the results. 

Have an awesome weekend! Summer is slowly but surely (and unfortunately) coming to an end...

Some of my latest faves...

Enjoy your weekend! XO

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Hena Tayeb said...

What a gorgeous family you have. I love the blazer.

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