Friday, July 20, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

GMC - almost 2!

Happy Friday! It is a GORGEOUS day here in Chicago. A slight reprieve from our HOT and HUMID temps as of late. Honestly we have tried to stay indoors all week to beat the heat. It has been nice to get outside today and enjoy the blue skies again.

Everyone has seen the adorable Harvard Baseball team do their stuff to Carly Rae's Call Me Maybe song. Love it. Well, we decided to do a little spoof of it ourselves (combo of Jimmy Fallon's take on it, the SMU Women's Rowing team, and the Harvard boys). We unanimously volunteered PFC to lip synch the song. He nailed it! Watching this video makes me laugh. We had a blast putting it together for the show at the tennis club. So fun!

This weekend we are CHILLING. I'm excited to just relax and hang at the pool. No plans either evening. Such a great feeling. Weekends as such are far and few between so we are looking forward to it. And then next weekend we have PFC's 20 year Marquette reunion in Milwaukee. FUN!

And on the 30th of July our sweet little Georgie turns 2. I cannot believe it. I LOVE this age. He is such a little doll. And I LOVE watching him interact with C + M. It is the cutest. They adore him and he adores them. It is really sweet to watch. He is so funny and totally knows that he is the entertainer during dinner - his facial expressions alone make us laugh so hard!

Some of my latest faves:
  • I've used Pinhole Press a few times for various books. I just finished making GMC's Book of Names and Faces that we'll give to him on his bday. We have found that he enjoys pointing out family members in pictures so we thought this would be fun for him. It has been a fun project. My girl crush Joanna Goddard made one for her little guy Toby
  • I'm swooning over these lovely Kilim Cubes. I want one. I forwarded to my Mom and she said that they already have one. Of course they do! 
  • These Sweet Corn Salad Wraps look FAB. I may have to try them for dinner Saturday PM. Ummm, and doesn't this Crack Pie look AWESOME?! YUMMY. Must make SOON. 
  • Blogger Bethany Meyer of My Four Boys / The Honeymoon is over, wrote this great article entitled, The Evolution of a Parent. Oh, so true. She made me think back to having GMC and while he is indeed my first baby he is truly my 3rd. I will say that I was SUPER relaxed (much more so than I would have been if he was indeed my 1st and only little guy at the time). I laugh when I look back at that time in our lives. We literally moved back from our rental house the day I had George back to a house that was still in construction zone. I thank those nursing hormones for keeping me calm and collected. Powerful stuff. 
  • Great article about why it is hard to make friends over 30. Very interesting and very true. Fortunately, I have been blessed in this next phase of my life (married with kids in the burbs) to have found a really great group of gals to hang w/. However, there is just something to be said about friends with history (from high school or college) that are hard to beat. The ones you can totally let down and be your complete self w/. When I initially read the article I didn't realize it was written by my girl crush's husband Alex.
  • Lots of POLKA dots for FALL.
  • Pretty summer garden party. Love it! LOVE the adorable Dusty Rose placecards from Rifle Paper Co.
  • Cute print and I LOVE the quote.
  • Wallpaper - Dwell style. So great.
  • I love all of Jo Malone's perfumes. They now have home scents/diffusers. They would make great hostess gifts.
  • Totally digging these screen printed leather bags. What a great etsy find!
  • I've been getting back into tennis and having a great time playing (just need my sister to move here to the burbs and we can be doubles partners again!!!). I honestly get a lot of my tennis gear at Marshall's but how cute are all these tennis outfits?!
  • And lastly, an easy apple tart (and so beautiful at that).

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