Friday, July 30, 2010

My Lastest Obsession - BABY BOY CARR

Pic = moments after "BBC" was born! Such a happy MOMENT!

WOW - so today was an AMAZING day! I delivered Baby Boy Carr this morning at 5:46 am and I'm now typing next to our beautiful little boy as we speak. Peter headed home for a bit to pack up our rental house as tomorrow we are moving back in to our HOUSE - hooray! Ironically he had taken the day off to pack - but "BBC" arrived just on TIME (his due date).

FULL NAME = George Martin Carr
(George is my Dad and Grandfather's name and Martin is Peter's maternal Grandfather's name -- and also referred to as the "fifth Beattle")

WEIGHT / HEIGHT = 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 19.5 inches (love that day 1 in your life is the ONLY time that your "weight" is freely announced to EVERYONE)
PERSONALITY = CHILL CHILL CHILL (like his Daddy) and very expressive and prompt/calendar oriented (like his Mother!)

He met his Aunt Stephie and Uncle Sean / Aunt Michele / and Grandpa Carr today. Tonight he may meet JuJu and Grandpa T depending on their flight. And tomorrow George Martin gets to meet some of his so-called "Aunties" - some of my buddies that are making an appearance. The gals are at their grandparents lake house this weekend - and they will meet their baby brother on Sunday - cannot wait for them to meet him! We've officially gone from a FAM of FOUR to a FAM of FIVE!

I'm IN LOVE (with George Martin) and have an entire new level of love for Cate and Margaret as his big sisters. And I have this new level of love for Peter as the Daddy of our little guy. I melt everytime I see him hold little George. So cute!

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Eileen Angelo said...

congratulations, Dede!! He is a perfect little pea and you look fantastic!!!

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