Sunday, July 25, 2010

39 Weeks - Our Mini Watermelon

One of our last pics as a FAM of FOUR (before we are a FAM of FIVE)!!! LOVE IT.
So, we are in the final stretch for sure. Baby Boy Carr hit 39 weeks this past Friday - so any day now. One of my dear friends was two days behind me and had her baby boy this Saturday (so exciting). It has been amazing to share this experience step by step with a close friend who is having a baby for the first time as well. SO FUN. I never understood before the connection you have with other women once you are pregnant - this underlying sense of unity (amazing really). Everyone loves sharing their experiences of birth, babies and being a mom. Lots of perspectives, opinions and views.

"BBC" weighs a little over 7 pounds now (mini watermelon) and is about 20 inches long (according to BabyCenter). And he is ready to ROCK!

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