Friday, March 8, 2013

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A little morning date w/ GMC

(the boys gearing up to shovel the snow)

The Kiddos on their way out to play in the snow

Ribbit Ribbit

Happy Friday! Okay, wait, how is it the beginning of March, already (and we are 8 days in none the less)?! I was struggling to keep up w/ all things February related and now we're in March. However, I've gotta say I'm TOTALLY digging that we are seeing signs of spring here and there (despite the snow/ice outside). There is something awesome about the sun being out that reminds us that spring and summer are around the corner. Speaking of spring, Daylight Savings is this Sunday and we "spring" ahead!

I remember this "season" all too well from last year (the crazy and fast downhill slope of the last few months of the school year coupled with the idea of transitioning from school mode to summer). Before you know it we'll all be wearing flip flops and the layered days of hats/gloves/scarves/boots will be over. Those critical 5-15 minute increments of making sure that everyone has their winter gear on soon will be replaced by pool bags, camps, and our daily question "have you been 'sunscreened'?" Have you seen my kids?! They are the ones that are fairest of the fair. I had to laugh over President's Day weekend when CMC asked me if she needed to put on sunscreen. Umm, we were in an indoor pool mind you (however, we were surrounded by lots of skylights and windows).

We've been thinking of all things GREEN the last couple of days as we get closer to St. Patty's Day. Shamrocks are out and about even if you are not Irish. We are heading to a local St. P's Day parade with the kids and hitting up a few events along the way. Tomorrow there will be a lot of divide and conquering going on between Peter and myself as we make it to all of our various obligations and events. Before going to bed tonight the girls excitedly laid out their St. P's day attire. They will be donning lots of green this weekend and beyond (until next Sunday comes to an end)!

Have a FABtastic weekend! The girls and I have been using that word around here. Kind of fun, right?!

Some of my latest fun finds:
  • LOVED reading my girl crush Joanna's post on traveling = "Travel Question: Are you a planner? Or is your partner?" Such an interesting question and post. I'm clearly the planner in my relationship w/ PFC yet I also have the ability to turn on the "go w/ the flow" attitude as well (as some of our best memories from trips/adventures are from the organic flow of one thing to the next). Love that. However, I know myself well enough to know that I need some of what I call "anchors" meaning events/reservations that are indeed pre-planned. Take our recent trip to Milwaukee as an example! It is trips like that when we pretend we are Ella + John and have the luxury of time! Speaking of trips, I recently booked a flight to NYC in April to visit my youngest sister and dear college friend. Last year I booked a solo trip (minus PFC and/or kiddos) at the end of January to AZ and I have vowed to do a trip as such once a year. Super excited for NYC. My sister lives in Brooklyn, a place I have never really explored before during my past trips out there (years ago). Speaking of my sister, I cannot wait to chat in more depth with her about the redevelopment project of the sugar refinery in Williamsburg. She is an architect at SHoP Architects and has been working closely on the project. News about the project has been unfolding the last few days.  
  • Lasercut Leather = FAB! Totally digging these cutout booties
  • CMC and I are totally loving our one on one Sunday afternoon dates. We have deemed our special afternoons our little "adventure in to the city." These dates have made us slow down and just BE (when do we ever get an opportunity to do that?!). We are in a class together that is so fun in and of itself (build it yourself dollhouse that is wired) on top of the piece of us spending some quality time together. It is very difficult to spend that one on one time with each of your children (not to mention time w/ all the other players in your lives - family, friends, you name it). I know too well how much my sisters and I cherish and appreciate any quality time we get w/ our mom JuJu and/or my Dad. There is definitely a difference between spending time with individuals and getting in that quality time. Cate put our Kids Table Topics to Go in her bag last time we went to our class. We read a few questions back and forth in the car ride there. I highly recommend doing something as such. We have had some really fun and interesting and funny conversations. Last Sunday we ended up grabbing a Shamrock Shake for a little treat. Shortly thereafter I came across a Skinny (er) version of the same shake. YUM! Now, it is time that I come up w/ a little one on one plan for Miss MMC and myself! Stay tuned! 
  • Looking for a really great and unique gift for a kid? I stumbled upon these Home Grown Books based out of Brooklyn. Very fun. 
  • A little sneak peek of the Catskills Motel. Pretty awesome. I ditto someone's comments on the post = A lovely modern take on the cabin in the woods feel. Reminds me a bit of our trip to Montana two summers ago
  • Loving this casual maxi dress. Looks cozy and comfortable yet there are some small little details that set it apart from the norm (namely, the slit at the lower back). Kind of fun! 
  • I've been in a rut about new things to make for dinner (namely for the kids). We have our usual rotations but I like adding new ones to the mix in the hopes of finding one that is a true winner. Hmmm, Cheeseburger Casserole = must try soon! 
  • Loving this DIY Gold Glitter Jewelry Dish. Maybe this will be a fun project over our Spring Break staycation. We've been putting together a list of things to do (ones that we never have a moment to do in between homework/activities/events/school). 
  • We just finished ISAT testing this past week. Here is an interesting article on gym chewing (+ tests of the like). 
  • Speaking of St. Patty's Day and all things green, that means we'll all be a bit more creative in the coming weeks, right?! Interesting NYTimes article on Why We Love Beautiful Things
  • BIG retail news for Chicago = the Fashion Outlets of Chicago (announced for August 1). I LOVE talking Cost Per Wear Ratio (CPWR) of items. My mom taught me that concept very early on.  
  • Um, you had me at No Bake, and um, Peanut Butter = this yummy looking No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie.
  • I had no clue that DVF and Roxy had collaborated on some pure fabulousness (I know, not really a word, right?). Found out last PM from a good friend. It looks like it is time to head to the beach! And little did I know that Pantone also has Fashion Colors (per season). You learn something new every day, right?! Here are the spring 2013 colors. LOVE this. 

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