Friday, April 5, 2013

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The 3 Kiddos on Easter Day - March 2013

Happy Friday! WHOA, we are already a few days in to April. How is it April already?! However, I'm SUPER excited that the sun is out and about. It would be nice though if it was just a bit warmer. But I'm not going to complain as seeing the sun is good enough! Alas...

We stayed home last week for Spring Break this year and called it "Spring Break 2013 Stay-tastic-cation." The girls were TOTALLY rolling their eyes at me by the end of our week (as if!) - enough of the "tastic" Mom, OK?! I get it, but you gotta pump it up you know! I will say that it was definitely nice to have a week at home w/o the usual homework/activities/schedules that usually fill our days. And we were able to fit in some fun activities that we never get a chance to do otherwise when we are all going in different directions (especially when we are always trying to beat the clock - you know, those crucial 5 to 10 minute increments!). Some of our highlights included: Garfield Park Conservatory (so nice to feel as though we were in a rain forest, right?!), spa afternoon at our house for C + M w/ their fave 7th grade friend (who acted as their Spa Director!), Dolphin Show at the Brookfield Zoo (GMC was in AWE!), a ceramics class for C + M w/ some of their school buds (I was jealous!), a sleepover w/ one of their cousins, craft afternoon of yarn vases (this DIY activity totally had me at peeps), we saw the play Chicken Little w/ some of the cousins, an afternoon meet/greet of our latest niece/cousin that arrived on the scene early last week, a Kids Cooking Class (truly a manners class under the guise of a cooking class - sneaky and brilliant, right?!).

We then finished off last week w/ all things Easter related. My sister, her husband and son came over this past Saturday for our town's annual Easter Egg Hunt. And you MUST be on time. In the case you are a few minutes late = very disappointed kiddos! In under 5 minutes the hunt is OVER. The gals were hovering over their younger bro and little cousin Graham. They are quite the mother hens!

Spring = baseball. Tonight and this weekend kicks off practice for both of the gals. Tonight we are headed to dinner locally and then Saturday evening we have a friend's birthday celebration. And GOOD LUCK to all of our Chicago friends running the Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday. I have forever associate the start of spring in Chicago w/ the kick off of the Shamrock Shuffle. And how fun that this year The Freddie Jones Band will be there!    

Have a FAB weekend! XO - D2

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