Friday, May 3, 2013

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Nighttime in the City that NEVER sleeps

Snagged a pic w/ the lovely Vince Chase (aka Adrian Grenier).

D2 + Carrie 

Loved walking the High Line in Manhattan. Amazing space + views + a great reprieve for the
hustle and bustle of NYC. Amazing plants. Loved this Ace of Hearts redbud.
Gorgeous little flower shop next door to my sister Carrie's place in Brooklyn.

Gus strutting his stuff (= yummy food) to those waiting in line at Tom's Restaurant

The Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene

Chilling w/ some coffee at the Greene Grape in Fort Greene
Happy Friday! It has been quite a week weather wise. Earlier in the week we were pulling out the flip flops and shorts and then last night at both C + M's baseball games we were shivering and wishing we had brought our winter hats. I guess that is spring for you in Chicago. And wow, we are officially in MAY!

I had a blast last weekend visiting my youngest sister in Brooklyn and my dear friend in Chelsea. I left on a 6 am Thursday morning (trying to maximize my time) flight and got home this past Sunday. PFC held down the fort w/ the kiddos! We were blessed with gorgeous sunny and warm temps both in NYC and Chicago. I think everyone was quite delighted to see the sun and walk around without so many layers.

I had not been to NYC in quite some time and it was super fun to explore Brooklyn (a place I had not explored before during past visits). This interesting look at the brain of a designer made me laugh - and think about my sister (her being an architect) and my mom JuJu. I loved hanging w/ my sister Carrie because she was able to give me some perspective about NYC/Brooklyn's architecture. We took a stroll around the perimeter of the new Barclays Center and she gave me some background about the history of its making. Her architecture firm, SHoP Architects, designed the Center.

Some of my FAVE highlights from my past long weekend in NYC + Brooklyn included:

Have a FABULOUS weekend! XO - D2

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