Friday, June 14, 2013

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Last Day of SCHOOL
Now on to 4th and 2nd grades and preschool for GMC

Grandpa T and GMC

Happy Friday! OMG, it has been FOREVER since my last post. I miss my little creative outlet! Today is the gals LAST day of school. It is NUTS to think that next year that C will be in 4th grade and that M will be in
2nd grade! And little GMC will be off to preschool! Our list day of school this year is very late due to construction and getting out early last year. It has made for a very long couple of weeks. However, it is nice to now officially make the transition to summer mode. Swim team has been in full effect for the last 2 weeks and we have our first official meet next week. Wahoo! Welcome back, Ultra Swim shampoo!

We had a lovely visit w/ JuJu and Grandpa T and they left this past Tuesday. I laugh w/ my mom and tell her that I hope that my kids will fight over me the way my sister and I fight over her while she is in town. We have shared custody and she and Grandpa T split their time between staying w/ us and my sister.

I've got a friend's baby shower on Saturday and then that evening PFC/I are heading to see BKO on the lawn at the tennis club for a Ravinia-esque evening. It should be fun! And Sunday for Father's Day we are having a low key day. My sister and her husband and little guy are going to come over to hang w/ us. We'll grill some burgers, head to the pool and just chill! PERFECT!

Happy Father's Day to all my fave dads or dads to be out there!

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