Friday, August 23, 2013

My Latest Obsessions

PFC + the kiddos at The Montgomery Inn (Boathouse) in Cinci

Happy Friday! School starts MONDAY! WOW. Summer is officially over. We just got back from a long weekend in Cincinnati. I had a blast showing PFC and the kiddos where I grew up and some of my fave spots in the Nati. It was fun to drive past the old high school and speaking of Wyoming High School we ranked top in the state! We stayed in an adorable hotel in Mariemont w/i walking distance from Graeter's Ice Cream. That in and of itself was a HUGE perk as we headed there all 3 nights! PFC said that it is the best ice cream he has ever had (he had Butter Pecan every night). I decided that Black Raspberry Chip is my all time fave.

We are off to a Pig Roast tonight and tomorrow we have a friend's son's 3rd birthday tomorrow AM. Saturday evening PFC and I plan to order in and catch up on some episodes of Homeland (before Season 3 comes out)!

Enjoy the weekend! XO - D2

Some of my latest faves:
  • Wow! The movie Dirty Dancing turns 26. That is nuts. I remember not being allowed to watch it (but sneaking it one day when I was home "sick" from school). 
  •  LOVE this = 8 things worth knowing about sushi. I'm kind of a fake sushi eater after reading this! I remember my first sushi eating experience was at a restaurant in D.C. the year after I graduated from college. I had NO idea what wasabi was - until I put too much ON! HOT! 
  • I LOVE these 50 rules of vacation
  • I guess I'm in between an introvert and an extrovert. Friends and family would most likely say I'm an extrovert but I think I'm secretly an introvert. Here are 23 signs you're secretly an introvert. What about you?  
  • Pics of Kate and William and baby George. So cute. Kate is wearing motherhood well. She is simply glowing! And doesn't this Lia Dress look very similar to Kate's wedding dress?! So pretty. 
  • Why Women Can't Have it All = interesting article. Well said. 
  • LOVE this speech by Ashton Kutcher (or Chris as we come to find out).
  • I LOVE wallpaper. I think it can add such character and dimension to a room or wall. A little sneak peek at the Best of Wallpaper.  The Grande Game wallpaper that we used in our powder room makes me smile every time I walk by it. Love it. 
  • Some pretty awesome cake stands
  • I'm a total pattern whore. Check out this travelogue inspiration of patterns galore! 
  • Cute and yummy looking apple cupcake donuts for back to school. 
  • This article has been all over the web and facebook = Saying goodbye to my child, the youngster. I remember working at a private school downtown and I was one of the staff members welcoming/greeting the new parents when they dropped off their kindergartners. Many of the parents had tears in their eyes. I was not a parent yet and thought to myself that no way would I be crying when I watched my little one/s off to kindergarten. I immediately called my mom and asked her how she felt when we went off to kindergarten. She was emotional. It is a big deal. I now get it years later. I can only imagine what it must feel like to drop off your son or daughter at college. Mixed emotions I'm sure.  
  • Interesting topic = Do you feel comfortable naked
  • I'm very curious about the book, The Big Disconnect. It helps parents and kids navigate the digital world. Relevant topic for sure. 
  • A friend had one of these Bonfire Logs burning at her house the other day. Pretty cool. 
  • This frozen hot chocolate looks super tasty. 
  • I'm on a hunt for a new pair of glasses. I don't wear glasses often as I wear contacts all the time but I always like to have a pair of glasses on hand. I totally dig Warby Parker's collection of glasses. Cheap too. How about the Zagg pair?
  • Who knew that H&M had a new home line. Interesting. What a pretty tea towel. Speaking of tea towels, I just bought these adorable 'Do the dishes tomorrow' flour sack kitchen towels as some gifts. Love them. 
  • We tried this spaghetti pie last evening. Pretty good and the kids approved it. 
  • An old colleague/friend's etsy line of market bags and aprons is really cute. 

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