Friday, August 30, 2013

My Latest Obsessions

Margaret and Cate's first day of school (Margaret = 2nd grade and Cate = 4th grade)

The gals started school on Monday. They were super excited - up bright and early and rearing to go. George and I waved goodbye as they walked two blocks to school. George officially starts preschool next week - wahoo!  He is so excited as he wants to be in school too (just like the big girls!). We are slowly but surely getting used to the transition from summer to fall. We have a week or two until our afternoons become nutty w/ afternoon activities and the like.

After school today we are heading to Kinnikinnick Farm in Caledonia, IL. SUPER excited for a little farm and family action. We had an awesome time last year! And Tuesday night PFC and I are heading to see the Book of Mormon. Totally pumped to see it!

Enjoy the long weekend! XO - D2

Some of my latest faves:

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