Friday, September 7, 2012

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Our tent at Kinnikinnick Farm

MMC - hanging w/ the pigs

Sunset and view from our Tent

Farmer Dave showing the kids how to milk a goat

Happy Friday! It was the first day of school for both C + M (about time)! We had an extended summer break this year due to some construction at our middle school. It made for a long (and very fun) summer (BUT one that needed to come to an end)! I'm am SO happy that we strategically planned our trip to Kinnikinnick Farm for when we did. It was the PERFECT end to summer. We had the BEST time ever!

We arrived at the farm (just 90 miles from Chicago) on a Sunday evening. (Even Martha approves). We were greeted by the lovely owners of the farmer - David and Susan. Susan showed us to our tent and later she stopped by with our arrival dinner (roasted chicken, vegetables, homemade sourdough bread, and some yummy mini pies). The kids LOVED the tent. And C + M were SUPER excited about where they were sleeping (the little cupboard - a little hideaway bed area). We put GMC in the bottom bunk of the bunk beds.

The next morning Farmer Dave stopped by to pick up the girls for morning chores on the farm (= collecting chicken eggs, watering the pigs, and milking the goat). The girls LOVED it all. Before the girls left that morning Peter woke up early (and left me to sleep in = heavenly) and started the dutch oven outside (made some coffee, fried up some eggs and bacon). There is really nothing like fresh eggs. And the girls anxiously waited until early evening for round 2 of chores. Our day was SUPER relaxing. We were outdoors most of the day - relaxing, walking around the farm, biking, and just enjoying being outside. I breezed through one of Gillian Flynn's books (Sharp Objects) during our stay. Great book, btw. That evening we decided to grill out some burgers (fresh ground beef from down the street), ears of corn, and I made a caprese salad (w/ fresh tomatoes and basil that I picked from the farm). Everything was SUPER yummy.

On Day 2 the girls started w/ their usual chores in the morning with other kids that were staying on the farm. That evening we all gathered around the wood fired oven for a communal make your own pizza party. The pizzas were super yummy. LOVED using fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. So good! And then all the kids gathered around the fire pit for s'mores (always a crowd pleaser). All in all we had a wonderful time and are already making plans to head there again next summer (this time filling the 4 other tents w/ friends of ours). FUN. Highly recommend the place. Here are some reviews (have yet to do one myself).

We are having a chill night tonight and then we have lots going on this weekend. Crazy September has hit and our calendar is fully booked.

Some of my latest faves:
Have a FABULOUS weekend! 

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