Friday, September 14, 2012

My Latest Obsessions

First Day of School (C = 3rd grade and M = 1st Grade) 
The gals are away so GMC is chilling w/ Daddy's guitar 
The party ain't over until someone gets naked in the bouncy house.
Oh, Prince Georgie!
Love this PIC! Cracks me up.

Our official first week of school went off without a hitch! We are slowly but surely getting back on schedule. I cannot believe Miss Cate is in 3rd grade and Margaret is in 1st grade. GMC's usual morning buddy is now in school full day. Luckily GMC and I head to a Mom/Tot class twice a week so he doesn't feel left out. He loves telling the girls he goes to "school" too! And the weather this past week has been amazing - blue skies and sunshine. Love it. Great way to start off the school year and fall.

My Dad is coming in to town for the weekend. We are excited to be hanging w/ Big George! He has even offered to give PFC some tennis lessons. Tonight I'm making one of my favorite meals = green chile chicken casserole. I LOVE it. It is always a crowd pleaser. And the best part is that you can make it the night before or the morning of and then just pop it into the oven when need be. AND I also want to make these yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as a surprise little treat for my Dad (as he LOVES LOVES LOVES oatmeal chocolate chip cookies). I also bought a bunch of raspberries and blackberries to make this yummy looking Raspberry + Blackberry Crostata.

Some of my latest faves:

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