Friday, March 26, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

Okay, so if you were talking with me yesterday goldfish crackers would have made my "favorite" list. In between various pick up and drop offs with the girls I devoured a small bag of those pepperridge farm goldfish crackers. I'm laughing as I have NEVER really enjoyed them before (ha - seems as though baby boy Carr liked them!).
So, I just saw in Daily Candy Kids that Hello Lucky! one of my favorite letterpress stationery companies just launched baby announcements - so fun! Here is an adorable little monkey card to announce a boy - they use this monkey in their everyday cards too. I like this simple cross hatch one as well. Unfortunately, the pics of these don't do them justice because you have to feel and see them in person (to really appreciate the letterpress)!

Check out these adorable hair goodies for little girlies from Sophie and Lili - they kind of have an old school feel to them. They also have cute dolls that you can customize. Enter CANDYDEAL when you check out and save 25% until the end of the month (via Daily Candy).

I will have to remember these Kids Artwork Adhesive Stickers from Land of Nod when we move back into our house (btw, this weekend we are moving to a rental and renovating for a minimum of 4 months!!!). The girls always want to display their latest artwork - this is a nice way to create a rotating art gallery in your entryway (using reusable frame corners that stick to walls without damaging and come with coordinating nameplates so kiddos can title their art). Win win situation for the artists (kids) and for the parents!

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