Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 19 - A Large Heirloom Tomato

So, this past Friday I hit the 19th week mark and Baby Carr is now the size of a large Heirloom Tomato. My pregnancy bible, BabyCenter, tells me that little "BC" now weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and measures 6 inches (wow, seems like a jump from the week before) head to bottom. The hair on your scalp is sprouting (oh, I'm so curious about your hair, will you have my curly locks or Daddy's hair or something totally in between?). LOL, as I had stick straight hair (yet still thick) until I was 12 or 13 when OMG my hair exploded into a head of ringlets / waves / craziness. The ringlets have relaxed a bit for now but there were some years of wild hair (total 80s). 

Okay, little "BC," I started to digress about my own hair ups and downs - ha. Back to you little one. This is a crucial time for sensory development: your brain is designating areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch. Some research suggests that you may be able to hear my voice now, which is good to know since your sisters (as well as your Dad and I) have been talking to you since the least now I know you can possibly hear what we're saying! Oh, and I hope you like the Black Eyed Peas song I Gotta Feeling because your soon to be sister Cate dances to it everyday (we have it on repeat for her!). 

Side note, little "BC," forgive me as sometimes this "in between" phase of being pregnant but not really feeling/looking totally pregnant has been interesting and challenging at times (and you have probably heard me talk about my wardrobe a bit..."Ummm, what to wear, things aren't fitting like they used to."). So, bottom line, little "BC" nothing against you my dear, just struggling to fit into things these days!!!  Hooray to the Liz Lange Layering Tee from Target - you have been my daily staple! 


phillip said...

O DEE DEE! I am so enjoying these posts! I just clicked on the maternity T-shirts and read all the reviews! HELP! What is wrong with me!? Don't answer...anyway, I love the whole veg/fruit analogies and can't wait to see you in person pregnant (!) all love, aunt sue (Umm, obviuosly not phil ha, just stealing his acct)

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