Friday, February 18, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

Happy Friday! We are enjoying a brief reprieve from the COLD (and the blizzard from 2 weeks ago) here in Chicago. A nice surprise and much appreciated (from my end that is!). Hope that all of you were channeling some pink, red and all things lovely this past Valentine's Day. Seeing the gals come home with valentines from all of their friends brought me back to those days (the shoebox that you decorated that held all of your cards). PFC/I held to our annual tradition of heading to Milwaukee in honor of Valentine's Day and had a great 24 hours away!

I am someone who is always talking notes in various forms - mental notes, written notes on scraps of paper, while some land in my trusty moleskin notebook. So, my latest faves (topics / items / articles) stem from random streams of consciousness from various convos over the last couple of weeks.
Quote of the week:
C: Ummm, I need 2 more sips of water.
Me: Okay, why do you need 2 more sips?
C: Because we are supposed to drink 8 sips of water a day. We learned that in class the other day.
Me: That is great C that you are learning about water and how good it is for you, however, instead of 8 sips of water they really say we should be drinking 8 glasses of water!
C: 8 GLASSES of water. That is a LOT of sips!

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