Monday, February 28, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

Dear Mom,
Thanks for explaining the ironic combination of my first and middle name of George Martin. I now get
all the Beattles references that folks have mentioned to me. Love, Georgie (almost 7 months)

Happy Monday! The gals had a couple of firsts last week (during the long holiday weekend) = skiing and staying overnight in a waterpark hotel (both of which they LOVED). Both PFC/I were pleasantly surprised at how long they lasted skiing. However, here I go again, Dear Winter, I'm REALLY and truly over you. I know I've been saying this for awhile. But I truly mean it now!

Some of my latest faves...

I'm trying to think spring. I came across Paper Source's newest color Clover. LOVE.

GMC's name reference. See pic above.

We love reading with the kids at night before going to bed. Lately I have found C and M reading to GMC (which is absolutely adorable!). C reads to GMC while I hear M making up stories to go along with the pictures! Here are 7 New Picture Books for Children from Daily Candy Kids.

You gotta love's motto of Happy Feet Make Happy Kids. I agree. If my feet are COLD I'm not a happy camper!

Ok, I gotta say that I LOVE the company Seriously, their customer service is phenomenal. I cannot count how many items that have gone unreturned simply due to the inconvenience factor. However, Zappos makes things SUPER EASY! In some ways they remind me of Trader Joe's in terms of their customer service motto! Speaking of Trader Joe's, I was there this past Sunday picking up some of my youngest sister's faves for a care package (and I came across their dried blueberries). YUM and good for you.

What a great gift to give to a preschooler - A to Z Magnatab.

A good friend passed along this great blog entitled Not Just Cute. Love it! More about the blog and her reasoning behind the title.

And on to the Oscars from last PM = Red Carpet What we Loved. I loved Mila Kunis' dress. Granted, Black Swan was one of 2 movies that I watched that was up for a nomination so I was paying particular attention to the actors/actresses of both Black Swan and Social Network.

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