Friday, March 4, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

This image made me smile - 2 little gals washing clothes for their dolls (old school style).
Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

Dear Laundry: Can you come up with a way to fold yourself and then walk back to your appropriate drawer/bin/closet? I would appreciate it SO MUCH! I seem to now throw all the clean laundry in the guest room and shut the door (while wishfully thinking that upon opening of the door you will have disappeared!). However, the out of sight out of mind thought is not really working! Much Love, D2 

Happy Friday! My latest FAVE would be a way to figure out the never ending laundry that seems to JUST THAT = NEVER END (and just when you put everything away and think you have checked something off of your list the process starts all over again). Dr. Laundry, are you able to help (well, at least you have answered some of my questions in terms of stains, etc.)?!

The two pics above made me think about an old post I did about allowing creative freedom when it comes to outfit changes (w/the gals) to the reality piece of the LAUNDRY ISSUE!

Do you ever watch TV and find yourself relating to the various characters in some way or another?! I do all the time! I recently stumbled across this list of 31 TV Sitcom Mothers of All Time. What a fun list! Maybe I could get June Clever of Leave it to Beaver to come on over and help me sort the laundry and make sure that we have a wonderful dinner on the table every night (if only that were the case!). And then you gotta love Debra Barone of Everybody Loves Raymond!

After sorting through the Lost and Found bin at school for yet another lost glove I thought - hmmmm, maybe I should have just bought NEON colored gloves for everyone (much easier to spot in the overflowing MOUND of all things LOST). And then a day or two later I saw the Trend Alert email from Gap = NEON!

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