Friday, March 25, 2011

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GMC's first St. P's Day!

The gals getting ready to celebrate St. P's Day

Happy Friday! Wow, I cannot believe that March is almost over! Time flies. JuJu and Grandpa T were in town for a week and they left this past Sunday. We miss them already! It was so great to see them and JuJu had not seen GMC since Halloween - so she was amazed at how big he is getting and Grandpa T loved that GMC is doing the "worm" (which Trav himself has been known to do a variation of on the dance floor)! They were here during St. P's day so everyone got decked out in green and headed to Fitzgerald's. This year the girls were glued to watching the irish dancers.

Some of my latest faves...

We officially kicked off spring last Sunday. I love the color green and the color becomes even more alive during the spring when everything is thawing out (or trying!). And we all pulled out our green for the 17th. I came across this post from Janell Beals from the blog Isabella & Max Rooms talking about using green as an interior color. We used green as an accent color in GMC's nursery and I love it!

I came across Clarin's new instant smooth self tanner the other day. I'm curious. Not sure if I'll try it but when folks start coming back from spring break with a healthy glow I may look into it! When I think of anything self tanner-esque I ALWAYS think of the episode in Friends when Ross gets a spray tan. I truly think that this particular episode itself is why I'm still a bit hesitant about self-tanners. I need to get over it (as I know they have gotten remarkedly better than the days of the orange look). OMG, I'm laughing so hard from watching that clip again. Gotta love Ross when he repeats back to the guy, "spray, count, pat and turn; spray, count and pat."

Do you ever look back and wonder what you were doing the previous year on a particular date? I do that all the time. Around this time last year I was at the half-way mark carrying GMC. Crazy how time flies. I finally figured out how to be able to do just that = One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book. I started one for 2011! I now discovered that they have one entitled Mom's One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book. This would make a cute gift for a new mom-to-be.

I will say that I definitely use OMG and LOL a LOT. Well, they were just recently added to the Oxford English Dictonary. And then there is the word GOOGLE. I love it. I use the word all the time, as in "just Google it." Google (as a verb) has been added to the dictionary as well.

And lastly, I will leave with these fabulous Liberty Print rain boots that will carry you from the rainy spring right into summer! LOVE THEM!

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