Friday, February 4, 2011

My Latest Obsessions

We made our Checker Tournament bracket yesterday and this afternoon we will see who plays Daddy/PFC!

Blizzard 2011 - Pic in front of our house.
Unfortunately, this pic doesn't show much perspective in relation to how much snow there really IS!

GMC chilling inside during Blizzard 2011 - 6 months old.
Happy Friday! I'm loving some of the terms used to describe this latest Blizzard. My fave = SNOmg. I have to admit, I'm not a HUGE fan of snow and/or of being COLD. So, I have had to really take some steps these last few days to turn some of my negative thoughts into positive ones.

And frankly that exact thought has been on my mind lately (taking any negative thought that pops up and trying to spin it into a positive). This same topic always seems to come up when I start to think about work-life balance (a topic that I touched upon in last week's Latest Obsessions). So, I'm going to reinstate my gratitude list again (which I seem to start at the beginning of every year but never seem to stick to).  So, this week I'm grateful that we own a snowblower. Enough said.

Last year around this time I wrote about mini moments. Some of my "mini moments" and the "little things in life" this week are pictured above. I have to laugh as I was basically "called out" this past week by a bagger at the grocery store for picking up my cell phone when I was checking out. She looked at me after I had finished my cell conversation (which was under a minute mind you) and asked if I was talking with Obama or Clinton. I was so in my head (thinking about which kid had to be where and when and if I had picked up everything on my mental "blizzard is coming" grocery shopping trip and praying that GMC would hold out a little longer as it was time to feed him) that it didn't dawn on me that I was being rude. I starred at her for a moment and laughed (um, no, not Obama nor was I solving world peace) and apologized (and refrained from asking her if she wanted to stay home w/the baby while I ran some errands that needed to happen in a very short time frame...hello, I wanted to say, ummm, that phone call just saved me another 10 minutes because now M is being picked up and if I had not picked up the phone I would not have known that fact...blah, blah, blah). But alas, she was a bit of a reality check for me (to some extent). And then there is always Relativism!!! Which then brings me to some of my favorite lines from JuJu (my mom) = It is what it is, and it ain't what it ain't AND It is ALL relative.

I'm all over the place this week in terms of topics and things on my mind. A good friend sent me the following blog post entitled The Me in Mommy. WOW - this gal really summed up (very honestly may I add) another topic that has been on my mind (and one that I'll delve into later)!

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