Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Little Things in Life

Peter came home from work today and asked if I remembered the couple we had met on our 3rd date at the restaurant Tallulah in Lincoln Square. Yes, I for sure remembered the couple -- as we ended up talking to them for quite awhile and somehow when I was in the restroom Peter's situation came out to them (when they asked him a question - as they thought we were married). Peter and the husband ended up meeting for lunch weeks later to discuss business and I think they touch base with one another every so often. 

Well, Peter asked me if I remembered them because he received a note in the mail from the husband with a gift certificate to the restaurant LM (formerly Tallulah). His note read:  

"Amy and I just had dinner at LM, formerly Tallulah where we met you and Dee Dee. They gave me a gift certificate and I thought I would pass it along to the two of you. Hopefully, you can return to the scene of the crime, where it all began. Congrats on all the big news at the growing Carr Family. Amazing." 
All my best, Jay

I thought that was so nice that the guy took some time to write a little note and send us the gift certificate - very thoughtful. So, now I think Peter and I need to check out LM - new French Gastro Bistro in Lincoln Square!! And how yummy, just saw Time Out's 2009 Best Desserts - they listed the AppleTarte Tatin from LM. 

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