Sunday, June 27, 2010

35 Weeks - Our little "Honeydew"

This past Friday I hit 35 weeks - so that means we have less than 5 weeks to go! "BBC" is now over 18 inches and weighs about 5 1/4 pounds - according to Baby Center. Most of his physical development is now complete and in the next couple of weeks he will continue to put on weight. 

WOW, time is flying by. I really need "BBC" to stay put until the end of July as we have quite a few things left on our renovation (and will most likely be moving back into our house at the end of July). Gotta love it - when it rains it pours - so I could very well be delivering the baby the same weekend we are moving back in! Why not keep things exciting, eh!? 

I think we have officially figured out what we are naming "BBC" - which will be announced on here at some point after he is born! 

Craving of the week: Edy's Pomegranate Frozen Fruit Bar = YUMMY! 

Dreaming of: Sushi, Potbelly's sandwiches (turkey, less bread, no mayo/oil, everything else), fully caffeinated skim latte (obviously not all together - but definitely miss all of these things). 

LOVE: How excited Cate and Margaret are about the baby - it has been so much fun sharing this adventure with the two of them. I have overheard them telling people the four names in the running and what veggie/fruit that he is at the moment. 

Cannot wait to see Cate/Margaret and BBC's new rooms (and our new room!)
Here are the colors...
Cate/Margaret = 2 different shades of PINK (specific colors TBD) 

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