Friday, June 18, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

I have always appreciated Velvet's clothing - cozy, comfortable, cute and fun. They are doing a line for Uniqlo. FUN! The line launched yesterday. Unfortunately, their only US store is in Soho. My youngest sister (who lives in NYC) is heading there to check out the 

I love this new wrapping paper from Paper Source - bright, cute, fun! This would actually look pretty framed. Lately though I have been using this lovely "birdies" wrapping paper from Snow & Graham. LOVE IT. It looks pretty and crisp tied with a dark chocolate brown ribbon. 

I love cards and always have fun picking them out. I found this great one for my stepdad (cowboy at heart) and then this one for Peter. I'm thinking of all my friends that just had their first babies (and who are expecting for the first time) -- what an exciting Father's Day this will be for them (you know who you are!!). I was kind of curious about the meaning/history behind Father's Day - so here goes the story. Hope all of you have fun Father's Day plans. The gals and I are off to brunch with Peter on Sunday and then we are going to hit the pool and chill (fingers crossed for a sunny day)! 

In the June 2010 Real Simple mag I saw a recipe for Peanut Butter Cup and Pretzel Terrine (and made a mental note - MUST TRY or MUST EAT!) and then I was on a friend's blog (Not to Brag) and saw that she made it (and it sounds like it was quite yummy and easy). Maybe for Father's Day weekend!

I have a HUGE weakness for cookies - yummy goey cookies! LOVE THEM. Okay, and CUPCAKES (especially Sweet Mandy B cupcakes). I saw The Cookie Sandwich Company on Daily Candy Deals and took a peak. YUMMY. Enter DCCOOKIE at checkout and receive 25% off. 

PS - I was laughing with my sister as this is about the 2 year anniversary of the "Zip Car" incident at Peter's -- when I then left the next morning to fly out for my Dad's 65th birthday. Too funny! 

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