Friday, June 25, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

Three of my FAVES are in the pic above (we took this on our way out the door for Father's Day Brunch last Sunday). Peter and the two cuties!

I'm not sure how long I have loved ikat. I'm so drawn to anything ikat. Not sure why. But LOVE LOVE LOVE anything ikat. Love all of these ikat patterns from Madeline Atelier's fabrics. LOVE Pink Antoinette, LOVE Blu, Love Iris Daphne, Love Sunburst Luce. I didn't realize that Madeline Atelier had evening bags - love the ones w/ikat. Here is a fun one.
I love moroccan leather poufs - especially this one from Serena and Lily in lime green. FUN! And Serena and Lily has been so fun to peruse...especially when thinking about a nursery for "BBC."
I read a few weeks ago about Rubxin (new restaurant opening in the West Loop). I was immediately drawn to the fact that they used vintage cookbooks to make a decoupaged ceiling (so cool). Check out the ceiling process here! This restaurant is on my list before "BBC" arrives! Let's make it happen. Photographer Emily Johnston Anderson took pics of the restaurant - looks awesome!
Some fun tie-dye looks. Funny as I was just thinking about tie-dye as I used to make tie-dye shirts in the summer.
One of my favorite baby shower gifts are these bibs. I love ALL designs by Marimekko. We already have "BBC's" room figured out but how cute is this fabric by Marimekko.
A friend gave me this HILARIOUS and CLEVER baby gift - a shirt (in a secret pouch) that predicts the future of your child. I opened up the pouch and little "BBC" is apparently going to be a "Game Show Host" - how funny is that?! Makes for a super cute baby gift. This onesie is hilarious.
We have been thinking about lunch boxes lately...and I have a thing for these lunch boxes (especially the pink giraffe). Cate is so excited because this upcoming fall she will be able to have lunch at school! A HUGE deal in the life of a 6 year old!


Christa said...

So cute! I'm curious if people tell you that the girls look like you often? What do you say (if anything) when that happens? Just wondering...(friend is in a similar situation and testing the waters on easy responses, so to speak).

Red Velvet said...

I have gotten comments as such before (from complete strangers to others that know the situation somewhat). Most people in the town we live in know the situation (as my husband grew up here). It runs the gamut. Shoot me an email and I can explain further =

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