Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 31 - Our "little basket of oranges"

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend! It was so nice to have that extra day - would LOVE 3-day weekends all the time. We were up at the gals grandparents lake house and then back for memorial day action in town (BBQs, pool time, parade). The little gals (myself included) were quite tired this AM. They are in countdown mode - as it is their last week of school. 

So, little Baby Boy Carr hit 31 weeks this past Friday - less than 9 (ish) to go! Wow, little "BBC" now measures over 16 inches and weighs about 3.3 pounds (according to Baby Center). This week they are comparing him to carrying 4 navel oranges! 

I seriously cannot believe that in a little over 2 months we will be meeting little "BBC!" We cannot wait! 

PS - And congrats to my youngest sister who graduated this past weekend from Princeton University's School of Architecture - so proud of our littlest pup. I admire her passion and dedication - she has been such a rock star with all her schooling! "BBC" cannot wait to meet Aunt Carrie when she emerges from "underground!" 

Some shout outs to little Carrie (a quick google search pulled up the following): 
Special Mention in the Evolo Competition  

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