Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Latest Obsessions & Happy Memorial Day Wknd

Happy Thursday! Wow - it has been quite a HOT week in Chicago. I'm looking forward to a long Memorial Day Weekend (thought the pic above was cute w/the little guy walking through the flags!) with Peter and the girls! We have been so busy lately with everything that it will be nice to have an extra day with P and the little gals! 

Love this youtube video - Swagger Van - reminds me of my "Cabs to a Minivan" post! 

My sister-in-law sent me this adorable blog entitled Cooking with My Kid: Creating an Adventurous Eater One Recipe at a Time

I'm in love with Snow & Graham's stuff (letterpress stationary, calendars, etc.) and had a "mini moment" the other day when I passed their place in Chicago. I didn't realize they had a blog. I'm LOVING it! Loved their post on the Jamie Oliver (who doesn't love the 'naked chef' and his adorable accent). I must make these little "cupcakes skirts" next time I'm bringing some cupcakes over to a friend's place - how fab (my two faves = cupcakes and pretty paper)! 

Isn't this little one of a kind elephant adorable (w/a mix of vintage and new fabric)? So cute! This same etsy seller (rabbitsmoon shop) has tons of cute stuff - like this red dachshund frame pouch. I like this green deer and birdie frame pouch even better. FUN! 

How fun would it be to send someone a fun postcard that turns into a mini living botanical garden?! 

So, I've stayed away from my favorite store Anthropologie for way too long (not the best store to shop in when prego) but I took a peek the other day and thought this dress was great and SO ME! Someone else should get it for summer...! And I think we are using some wallpaper that is exclusive to Anthro in our new downstairs powder room (however, I'm not going to reveal until I see the sample and decide to go w/it!). FUN. 

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