Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From Cabs to a VAN

I don't think I ever really thought about cars much - but a VAN! In my mind, vans = a tons of kids, no social life, and the mom "uniform" (warm up sweat suit). WOW. 

I left Whole Foods this morning and realized that I was looking for our Honda Odyssey miniVAN. Really, what happened to the girl that ran to grab cabs w/her heels on? YIKES! And my uniform - ummm...yes, I seem to rotate between work out outfits. Well, at least I'm still working out, right?! 

My coffee is now made at home (hazelnut creme dunkin donuts w/a splash of sugar free hot chocolate) instead of hitting the Starbucks on the corner. At least I'm saving $4.50/day! And now I'm driving around two adorable little girls (Margaret - age 3) and (Catherine - age 5). I LOVE my new gig. Peter (my soon to be husband) is the best. I've told him before that I wouldn't be in this situation if I didn't love him as much as I do. As I never thought I would have married a  young widower who comes with 2 kids (even if they are cute!), parents who live down the street (who do not resemble Frank and Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond), a set of in-laws (by his late wife) and her 7 siblings (yes, 7). 

But all in all, I have NEVER been happier. I LOVE the girls. They drive me nuts at times but when I walk downstairs (in something other than my new "uniform") and they say "You look beautiful" and I melt. They think I'm an overgrown princess. They loved when I moved in and went through all my shoes and dresses. Overheard from my closet "Wow...beautiful...sparkly...purple." A lot of those words are from their favorite books "Fancy Nancy." And Peter is a doll and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime! LOVE HIM. 

I used to peruse Anthropologie every other day however, now Target is my daily stop! Please note that I still LOVE dresses and shoes and Anthropologie is still one of my favorites. 


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