Friday, September 18, 2009

64 DAYS TO GO!!!

You think about your wedding your entire life. And now my wedding is 64 days away! So exciting. My mom (JuJu) and my stepdad (Travis) are in town for a long weekend. My mom/I have been doing some wedding errands and one of Peter's dear friends is hosting a party for us tomorrow PM. 

It is all becoming more real. We received our first RESPONSE today in the mail. Today I took my mom to the reception site - A New Leaf. She fell in love with it and now knows why I love it so much. She also met Katie our wedding planner who ROCKS! She is adorable. We loaded up on sugar at our cake tasting at Amy Beck Cake Design. The designer is going to replicate the silk tulle and alencon lace in my dress on the cake. So fun! My mom and I rolled out of the place and did some damage shopping. Starting tomorrow I'm swearing off sugar until my honeymoon (and won't ask myself again why I chose such a form fitted dress!). 

Cate and Margaret are so excited to be a part of the wedding. Every day they ask if their flower girl dresses have arrived. The florist is making them little crowns - so they will feel like princesses. The cutest thing about it all is that they keep saying that once we get married that I will be their MOM. My heart melts every time they say that. So cute. 

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