Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm so happy that Catherine and Margaret have one another - there is nothing like sisters! 

I cannot imagine life without sisters. I have two sisters (one 15 months younger than me and one is 6 years younger) and two stepsisters. My sisters mean the world to me. They have seen me in all states of mind - and still love me for who I am. Sometimes I look at Cate/Margaret and they remind me of me and my middle sister. From the moment Stephie was born we were best friends. We even had our own language and way of communicating. We shared clothes, shared secrets and have stood by one another. We were even doubles partners on the tennis team during high school. 

I watch Cate and Margaret and see them doing similar things. They call one another Max and Ruby from one of their favorite shows. I love when they look at one another and say "we are Best Friends!" It is so heartwarming. I love the little hugs and kisses they give one another. Sometimes I find them at their little pink table having a tea party and chatting away. Adorable! 

There is just something about sisters! 

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