Saturday, September 19, 2009

DETAILS...are they a GIRL thing?

I have always loved details - small details like lace, buttons, stitching, color accents. To me they make the perfect outfit stand out from the rest or they give a room that special needed touch. I'm a detail oriented person. I love all things detailed - letterpress for sure; stores like Anthropologie that pay particular attention to details; this t-shirt from J.Crew where "casual meets dressed up in the most unexpected way"; this casual china where the texture alone take it from ordinary to unique.

Now, are details an inherent girl thing? Cate (age 5) and Margaret (age 3) notice everything. One day I was with my sister and they noticed her Tory Burch reva ballet flats and said "oh, Dee Dee has those but hers are a different color". Or when they saw my friend was carrying a Louis Vuitton bag they pointed it out and asked why I had not worn mine in awhile. Or the one day I switched up an outfit w/a hot pink raw silk sash that I usually wore with a particular green dress. "You wear that one with your green dress not your blue dress." Or if I forget my slender headband they immediately point it out and get it for me.  Or when Cate pointed out that my underwear was too "small" - because they were thongs and she asked why hers were not like that. Pretty hilarious.  

Are men (generally speaking) more into the big picture and women the details? I know that for sure I'm one for details. LOVE THEM. The more detailed the better. That is why I love books so much more than movies (that are based on books) - I crave the descriptions! 

More later. 

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