Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh thy Domestic One...

OMG. Who am I? And what has happened to the cab loving gal who used to know all the hot spots in the city and where to order the best take out? LOL. 

I'm laughing because yesterday I made an apple pie with Cate and Margaret. I was even able to use my new Emile Henry Auberge Pie Dish that we got as an engagement gift. The recipe was from The Joy of Cooking which I used to have in my kitchen - just because (period) - because a cookbook as such should reside in your kitchen (not for actual usage!). A good friend of mine came over for dinner last night so instead of ordering out (my usual go to) I decided to make us a meal (well, meal might be pushing it...but). I made ground turkey lettuce wraps and edamame. YUMMY! 

Definition of Domesticate/ic
do·mes·ti·cate  (d-mst-kt)
tr.v. do·mes·ti·cat·eddo·mes·ti·cat·ingdo·mes·ti·cates
1. To cause to feel comfortable at home; make domestic.
2. To adopt or make fit for domestic use or life.
do·mes·tic  (d-mstk)
1. Of or relating to the family or household: domestic chores.
2. Fond of home life and household affairs.

But bottomline, definition number 1 of the word domesticate makes sense to me. I'm feeling comfortable in my new home with Peter and the girls. And (definition 2 of domestic) - I'm really fond of my home life and our household affairs. I'm TRULY enjoying this next phase in my life - of watching the girls, baking and even cooking dinner (once in awhile). All in due time. 

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