Monday, September 14, 2009

Sarah and Dave's Wedding

I'm in wedding mode as I just got back from Sarah/Dave's wedding at The Drake. It was amazing - so pretty and she looked amazing. They had a photo booth - super cute idea. I posted pics from her wedding on FB. Check out some pics on the photographer's blog. 68 Days to go until our WEDDING! So excited! Excited too for 10 days of honeymoon! So fun. 

The weather in Chicago has been fab - sunny and warm temps. Love it. Girls are in school and enjoying it. Margaret is with me 3 days a week - and she is my little love bug. 

My mom/stepdad are arriving this Wednesday - so excited. My mom/I have some wedding appointments set up. Very fun. 

Send me your UPDATES!

A few fun items: 

So, I've knitted a bit but maybe it is time to try cross-stitching. And these look pretty hip. 

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mep said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Red Velvet! Have fun!

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