Friday, May 21, 2010

My Latest Obsessions - Trader Joe's HOT LIST

I truly love Trader Joe's and lately I have been asking friends for their TJ "HOT LIST." I decided to send out an email and take all the responses and create a TJ "HOT LIST." A SPECIAL THANKS to all those out there that participated in this LIST. Here goes (with comments from folks as well!): 

NOTE: Items with an (*) were recommended by more than one person! 

*TJ Brand Hummus "by far the best store bought hummus I have had" 
Horseradish Hummus "just enough kick" 
Peanut Butter filled Pretzels 
TJ's fresh Hot Salsa (and one avocado) = "fab dip" 
Flaxseed Tortilla Chips (multi-colored ones) "awesome and healthy" 
Kids Yogurt Cups 
Omega Trek Trail Mix for Snacks and Salads 
Truffle Mushroom Flatbread 
TJ's Almond Butter w/Toasted Flaxseed 
TJ's Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries  (for homemade granola or snack mixes) 
*TJ's nuts "especially the spicy ones" 
Tart d'Alsace (frozen) - a french style flat bread with ham, carmelized onions and gruyere cheese
TJ's Avocado Number Guacamole (2 pack) 
*TJ's Corn and Chile Tomato-less Salsa 
Baked Cheetos 
Pomegranate Packs (in the produce section) "sprinkle on whatever you fancy" 

*Ready to eat Edamame beans (in their fresh produce section) "my kids gobble them up!" 
*Frozen Mac and Cheese (for kids and ADULTS!) 
*TJ's Organic Brown Rice 
*TJ's Sweet Potato Fries 
Brown Rice Medley (blend of brown rice, daikon radish seed, and black barley) 

TJ's Irish Breakfast Tea 
Costa Rican Coffee 

Breakfast Items
TJ's Turkey Bacon
TJ's Oatmeal 
Whole Wheat Mini Bagels 
Frozen Mango for Smoothies
Maple Syrup "good price for 100% syrup" 

*Orange Chicken 
Veggie Fried Rice 
Turkey Meatballs
Nitrate Free Hot Dogs 
Mini Bagel Pizzas 
Cuban Mojito simmer Sauce for Chicken in a crock pot or marinade 
Precut Tri-colored peppers "perfect for quick fajitas!" 
Pizza Dough 
Herb Dijon Marinated Salmon "so easy and delish on the grill"  

Mint Dark Chocolate Meltaways 
TJ's Toffee (covered in chocolate and nuts) "wish I never discovered these...they disappear instantly" 
Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger 
Chocolate Almond Clusters 
Sea Salt Brownies 
Chocolate Ganache Torte 
Dunkers (biscuit style cookies) 
TJ's Mint Joe Joe's (seasonal for holidays)
Mocha Ice Cream Balls "love them"  

Misc Food Items 
Sunflower Seed Butter (for those with peanut allergies) 
Naan Indian Bread 
Pound Plus Chocolate (in "Dark" and "72%") "Cannot beat the price for baking chocolate" 

Misc. Items 
Vanilla Lavender Body Scrub 
Orchids "inexpensive and they last" 

Enjoy the LIST! I'm super excited now to head to TJ's. Anything else to add to this LIST? 

Here are some sites that I found on TJ's: 
Tracking Trader Joe's 
Trader Joe's Jelly Beans and Citrus Gum Drops (actually we put these in the gals Easter eggs this spring / I think I ate more than Cate/Margaret did!)

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