Friday, May 14, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

First and foremost, I hope all my favorite and fabulous mom friends/family members out there had a wonderful day last Sunday. I don't know if I am overly emotional from being pregnant but Sunday was such an overwhelmingly special day for me on many levels. The little gals and Peter showered me with cards and some cute gifts. I LOVE nothing more than a handwritten card and their cards brought me to tears. I love that Peter understands and appreciates my obsession with letterpress and he gave me this card from one of my letterpress faves - Egg Press.  I thought a lot about Cate and Margaret's mom and I know that she is so proud of them (and Peter). 

OMG, this "Cute as a Button" package (per Design*Sponge) is adorable. Love it. I may need to send one of these to Peter at the office. How fun would this be to get? 

On Mamaista Daily I saw a post about Bubs Bears. Abby Harris, of Bubs Bears, can turn favorite outfits (of your little ones) and create keepsake bears. If only I could find the Florence Eiseman dresses that my mom put all three of her daughters in...that would make for one fun (and hilarious) Mother's Day gift for my Mom (JuJu). Just saw that Florence Eiseman has a Facebook page and they are looking for vintage photos of children in their attire (not sure if they would consider the 80s vintage or not...but I should send in our pic!). 

Lately I have been at a loss about what to make the girls for dinner. I tried to make them turkey burgers a few nights ago (however, they told me they didn't taste like "burgers"). I was flipping through the magazine Real Simple (May 2010) and saw a recipe for Cheddar Chicken. I think I'm going to give it a try w/the little gals. We shall see...

Stay tuned for my "BEST OF" Trader Joe's list that I'm going to post next Friday. I shop at Trader Joe's once in awhile and I know there is such great stuff there - I just never know what to I polled some of my pals to email me their list of faves - stay tuned. 

Have a FABULOUS weekend! 

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