Friday, December 18, 2009

My Latest Obsessions

So, I'm a HUGE fan of Etsy (as well as the blog A Cup of Jo). Joanne's husband wrote the following New York Times story about artisans who quit their day job to pursue their work on Etsy. Interesting. 

I was flipping through old pictures when we were putting together our wedding slideshow for the rehearsal dinner. I came across countless family photos of myself and my two sisters - where my mom put us in these outfits that we did not like at all. And now they seem pretty cute. One of my mom's favorite brands for us was Florence Eiseman. I didn't know if they still existed so I looked them up. Such cute stuff - like this adorable spring dress (all three of us had something very similar - all matching). If only my mom had a boy - (maybe she can hope for a grandson someday) - as this outfit is ADORABLE (love the peter pan collar). NOTE: I will not post the picture of me red faced with tears streaming down my face (as I was not having it - I DID NOT want to match my two younger sisters for a family portrait). 

Inspirational video. Makes you think. 

I read this City Guide from Refinery 29 and I decided which restaurant I want to check out next - Nightwood in Pilsen (something different and new and a spot I don't think many have been to yet). I try to keep up w/stuff in the city since my move...

I wear slippers ALL the time in the winter. We have wood floors in our house = cold feet! Theseslippers are cute and provide some warmth. Cute. And you could get away with wearing them out of the house for a quick errand. 

Soon we will be leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve. This looks like a fun projectfrom Cathy Holden's Just Something I Made blog. 

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