Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recap: Virgin Gorda (Part 2 of Honeymoon)

Part 2 of our honeymoon was on Virgin Gorda at Little Dix Bay. We took a plane from San Maarten to Tortola and then a boat from there to Virgin Gorda. Virgin Gorda was equally as beautiful as Anguilla - but looks completely different. Virgin Gorda is much more lush and green and the beaches are not as wide. We loved our room, it was peaceful and open - and we loved the outdoor shower. 

We took a sunset cruise one evening which took us to a few different spots - Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock (a tiny island with some accommodations and a restaurant). 

Our second to last night in Virgin Gorda we went to the Mine Shaft Cafe as we were told that it is one of the best spots to watch the sunset. We had a great dinner and had an amazing view of the sunset. One of the funny things about this restaurant is that there is a tree where all the chickens come to sleep (at the top). Hard to explain (but the chickens sit high up in the tree and fall asleep there). 

On our last day we had a sunset massage and hung out at the spa pool (which had an amazing view). That evening we had a private beach dinner - perfect end to our amazing trip. 

PS - And we just received a sneak peek of our pictures from Brett and Kiri of Pen Carlson (who we LOVE). They ROCK! I miss all my wedding vendors! 


The Davis Family said...

Dee Dee,
How BEAUTIFUL! the honey moon looks wonderful and yes, warm. Plus, your photographers ROCK! I loved the sneak peak, I bet you can't wait for all the others.
You look sooo happy, and gorgeous! The best to you and your new family!
Always, Anna

Dettagli Weddings said...

we miss you too! :) xox k

mep said...

Your photos are just so wonderful. The slide show brought tears to my eyes!

Totty said...

Hey- found your blog from Sarah Gobble Elliott.
Saw your post on LDB and had to comment! My husband and I honeymooned there as well. Every aspect of it was awesome. We have planned a return trip for our 5 year anniversary. Only 2.5 yrs to go!

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