Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Reading

I have my usual sites/blogs that I go to daily or weekly. I have some new ones to add to my growing list - most of them came from the November 2009 issues of In Style - that listed 220 sites they love. 
  • Eating is Art - Tricia from Portland, OR who writes about yummy food. 
  • Katy Elliott - Follow Katy as she renovates her over 200 year old house in MA. 
  • MilkShop - I probably will not buy much from this site (as I don't believe in spending a fortune on kids clothing) but OMG - such adorable stuff! Hilarious too - check out Mr. Miami Beach or Rebel without a Cause from their Look Book. 
  • Gift Genius - WOW, wish I would have bookmarked this one a LONG time ago. Brilliant. I love the recipient tab where you can adjust the attributes - like the level of Style, Attitude and Relationship. Fun. 
  • Creature Comforts - So many fun DIY projects and inspirations. Great Gift Guide if you are still searching for those last few folks for the holidays. 
Enjoy! What are some of your favorite sites/blogs? Please share. 

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Tricia said...

Thanks for the link!

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