Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Recap: Wedding Ceremony

I loved our wedding ceremony. LOVED it. We were blessed with a beautiful fall day - high of 55 and sunny. Cate and Margaret were so excited to be the flower girls - and for weeks they talked about their flower "crowns" which were a hit w/them. 

I remember walking down the aisle with my Dad and not even hearing the processional songO'Carolan's Concerto. I do remember seeing all my family and friends and smiling and waving to everyone. I loved every moment of it. I was beaming to the point where my cheeks HURT! 

And then I saw Peter and he looked so handsome in his tux. OMG - I'm going to marry him. I then looked to my right and saw Cate and Margaret sitting there hugging one another - looking so cute. My two stepsisters read and my now sister in laws said the Prayers of the Faithful. 

I then lost it during our vows. It hit me - wow - I'm getting married - I didn't know if I would be able to continue. But after a few moments - with Peter's reassuring squeeze I made it through. I loved seeing everyone out there and having my two sisters stand up there with me. So special. I'm thrilled we decided to go with a videographer because I know there is so much I missed. 

PS - Check out yesterday's post on our rehearsal dinner - I added pics. 

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Anonymous said...

Dee Dee - You were absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing all the details of your day :-)

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