Friday, June 4, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

Happy Friday! It is the little gals last week of school - lots of picnics / programs and now summer is officially kicking off! Hooray! 

I saw this vase (made of 47 mini bud vases) in Real Simple and think it is so cool. You could easily take apart a simple supermarket bouquet and make quite an impressive display.

Aren't these vintage tea towels from P.O.S.H. Chicago adorable? 

Love these "birds and stripes" letterpress cards from designer Emily Martin. She recently opened a store in Chicago - Orange Beautiful - however, you can find her items on Etsy as well. Emily has a great blog as well called the Scoop

We aren't having a little girl but I came across these new adorable mary jane Trumpette socks for little gals that are ADORABLE for summer! So cute. I may have to get these Cowboy Socks from Trumpette before JuJu and Grandpa T arrive! 

I LOVE gerber daisies - love that they come in such bright pinks/oranges/etc. - and how fun would it be if they lasted longer?! I may need to try one of Paper Sources Gerber Daisy kits

Father's Day is around the corner...time to start thinking about gifts for my dad / Grandpa T (my stepdad) / and both the gals grandpas / and Peter. Last year I took a picture of the girls holding a sign that said, " We LOVE you to pieces" and we made a picture frame out of puzzle pieces - turned out super cute. It is time to get the creative ideas flowing...! These "grill-style" cupcakes are pretty adorable! 

I'm having a fun time thinking about our new "kids" bathroom for the cutie gals and their pending new brother! I think we are going with the following fabric for the shower curtain...and the other day I saw a cute green paper mache deer head (sounds bizzare) but I think it could be really cute in the bathroom. I "googled" (shoot, gotta use AOL as my sister works there!) "deer heads and paper mache" and came up with quite a few sites. Apartment Therapy Chicago had a post on them.

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