Friday, June 18, 2010

Brides Chicago - Our Debut!

Our wedding photographers, Brett and Kiri of Pen Carlson, emailed us a month or so ago and told us that Brides Chicago magazine wanted to feature our wedding as one of their "Real Weddings." So fun - and I found out today that the magazine is out and about! The gals and I stopped by the grocery store and picked up a few hard copies of the magazine (brides Chicago - Fall/Winter 2010, pages 132-133 and 264). Pen Carlson also posted the feature on their site as well.

Here is the article and overview of our wedding and here is "The Moment" that Brides Chicago featured. 

I have to laugh...because I'm 6 weeks away from meeting Baby Boy Carr and it was fun to revisit our wedding through the magazine!

I'm so glad that some of our favorite vendors (and our venue) were featured! At times I forgot that our vendors were not on our guest list as I grew close to so many of them! 

Here are some past posts on our wedding - it was such a special weekend! 

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