Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mini Moments

The other day I was driving down the highway and noticed a Coca-Cola sign that read "Enjoy a Mini Moment" - it was an ad for their 7.5 ounce mini cans. The campaign is trying to reach the "health conscious" by giving consumers a better way to manage their calories. The ad itself made me think of the concept of enjoying "mini moments" - below are a few of my mini-moments: 
  • Dunkin Donuts (Coconut flavored with skim milk and 1 splenda), however, now I opt for the decaf sans the splenda (due to little Baby Carr). 
  • A one on one breakfast or lunch with a friend. 
  • Listening to a VM message from a friend that I have not heard from in awhile. 
  • Sitting down with Peter for dinner after a long day. 
  • Potbelly sandwich (turkey) - YUM! Something about it makes me smile (maybe because I don't live down the street from one anymore and when I have a chance to eat one I get super excited). 
  • Listening to the girls chat in the backseat of the car (never fails to make me laugh - as their conversations can be so hilarious). 
  • Enjoying a cup of Graeter's Ice Cream (from Cincy!) - fave flavor = black raspberry chip - YUM! 
  • Writing a note to someone on my new stationery. Side note, and I always jumble the two words stationary and stationery and this seemed to help me- "A common school house trick for remembering the proper spelling is to remember station-ery means pap-er." 
This leads me to the MANY MINI MOMENTS from our wedding. Pen Carlson recently posted our wedding on their blog (and oh my gosh, btw, I love their new intro on their site - totally rocks). The mini moments they captured during our wedding weekend make me smile. Side note, I love the last line of our photographer's intro/hello= Have a riot. Be you. We'll be us. 

What are some of your mini moments? 

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paxton4evr said...

Mine are...
-- a quiet cup of coffee first thing in the morning, while my boys and husband are still sleeping.
-- in the summer, in our backyard, the wind shushes through the trees and we lay in the hammock and soak each other and the beautiful sound in.
-- listening to my almost 3-yr old sing himself to sleep :)

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