Friday, February 12, 2010

My Latest Obsessions

Wishing all of you a wonderful long weekend and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. Hopefully all of you have fun plans. Peter is off to the Daddy/Daughter Valentine's Dance tonight (super cute!) and then tomorrow the two of us are off to Milwaukee for the night. It has been a fun filled week for the girls of Valentine's Parties / lots of pink, red and white / valentine cards (which totally brought me back to my days in gradeschool as I LOVED exchanging cards) / and lastly TOO MANY SWEETS!

Now, I wouldn't pay this much for a high chair - but wow - isn't this High Chair pretty fabulous (and dare I say, "rad")?! And w/the production limited to 1100 units - your little guy/gal would sure to be hot to trot and eating in style in this chair!

I am currently still wearing items in my closet (laughing in the process though as things are starting to fit a bit differently). While I would love to outfit myself super stylishly like Heidi Klum does when she is prego I have decided to air on the budget conscious side. Klum has designed two maternity lines (Lavish for a Pea in the Pod and Loved for Motherhood) and herlines debut tomorrow. I might have to take a peek!

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